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She could not see the hearts around his head, still too blinded by the own in her eyes as she turned to peer into the spice cabinet as well, not really looking for anything considering she knew he would take care of that for them both, but just enjoying the closeness to her husband.

The question brought a bright smile to her lips and a giggle burst through them, standing on tiptoe again to comply with his request. "Of course. I certainly wouldn't want one side of your face to feel favored to the other when it's all handsome." The fact a man as beautiful as her spouse had wanted her still often shocked her, but she wouldn't take for granted the universes favor by voicing those thoughts.

"Mmm, you make the best naan. I'm excited for it already." Hopefully her korma could compare, though this was certainly something she had made often enough with Maan that she was not too concerned it wouldn't be good. Another quick kiss to his cheeks, and she stepped away to gather the other ingredients and equipment she would need, before started to prep. "How was work today, my love?"

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