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That was true, but Davet was trying to consider which dances wouldn't be playing a character. Did it depend solely on the personality of the dancer? Perhaps one person would need to be in a 'role' in order to dance hip hop, while it could come naturally to someone else. Ballet was often hand in hand with acting, so that one seemed self explanatory. Competitions... were those generally acting as well? "I would agree, except I wonder if there are some people too where dancing is something they love, but not in their personality, that would need to play a character no matter what. Take someone who is really shy, but loves to dance. What if they needed to be the role of an extrovert in order to do what they love, no matter the genre?" He wasn't sure what had possessed him to start this topic of conversation, but Jude was easy to talk to and Davet was already enjoying hearing his thoughts on different matters. The next question caught him off guard, and Davet let out a laugh. "I certainly wouldn't say I'm a natural, but I am french. I believe we're known for being sauve?" He teased softly, before shaking his head. "In all seriousness though, other than for different parts I haven't had much experience flirting. Acting always kept me pretty busy and I'd never really looked for anything before." And then considering he'd asked, Davet thought he'd hazard throwing it back at him. "What about you? You seem pretty comfortable as well?"

He was a rather passionate individual, which was probably why prior to today he hadn't actually had experience with dating either. "I'm glad that's something conveyed. Acting is really important to me. I just.. i love it a lot." He looked for happiness in all things, but there was nothing that gave him the same type of euphoria as being on stage and really connecting into a role. Ah, so that was similar to what they were involved in? "That sounds really cool." Though if it wasn't, he supposed no one would know either given they weren't allowed to talk about what they did.

A laugh, and a mirthful look in his eyes the boy responded, "Do your worst." He was more than self confident enough to be alright with some teasing, or laughing when he looked silly. Perhaps that was why this had seemed like a good idea for first date in the first place, minus the need for physical touch as well. "Oh? Well thank you for the compliment." It was something he heard often, but he liked it best coming from Jude's lips. "I think fawn's probably do look a little silly. That doesn't take away from their adorable, just maybe adds to the charm." It really was too early for a fall, they had plenty of skating to complete before bruised bums from the ice. "Let's try it. Maybe we can catch up to the younger skaters on the ice." He teased, attempting to shift his feet to gain a smidge more speed.

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