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There was not much convincing needed on Advika's part for quiet evenings at home with her husband. She too didn't mind going out together every once in the while, but when their works could be such revolving doors of people in and out, the perfect end to the day was just a night of solitude with her person. Her person whom she absolutely adored, which was probably easily noted as she stood with her back against the kitchen counter, watching him with a fond smile while he pulled out the necessary ingredients for their dinner.

It was only when he asked what they were making that she pushed herself away, moving to press a quick kiss to his cheek before answering. "Korma." She replied, reaching for her Maan's recipe book and flipping it open to show to him. "Unless you'd like something different?" In truth, she was flexible on what was for dinner and most of the ingredients could be substituted into a different dish. Korma had just been the first thing to spring to mind when he asked what they were cooking.

She'd forgotten to actually think that far ahead previously.

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