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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Gabriel had a spring in his step and not one but two cups of coffee in his hands as he made his way to the Aurors' desks area. One coffee for him, one for Missa. She'd seemed like she might need a warm beverage last time he saw her. He was hopeful she might be at her desk when he stopped by his own. Well, hopeful enough to get a coffee. If she wasn't there, he could charm it to stay warm and leave it for whenever she did stop in.

Though now that he was here, he realized leaving a cup of coffee unattended on someone else's desk was probably not the brightest idea. Hmm. Maybe he should have thought of that before he'd purchased it.

He rounded the corner to his own desk, wondering what to do. He supposed he could wait a little while longer, if she wasn't there. Maybe she'd show up. Or he could drink the coffee himself.

He wouldn't mind that option.

But. Still. Hopefully Missa was in.
Oh Missa was there alright. She had actually gotten in early, and seeing as no one had been around - she had decided to rest her eyes a little, since she hadn't been able to get any sleep at her dorm. Only the little bit of 'eyes resting' had now turned into a tiny nap.

Head pressed against her arm on the desk, she was passed out.

And considering how exhausted she had been recently, the smell of the coffee alone might not wake her.

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