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Suresh preferred having dinner at home when it was just him and Advika. It was a lot cosier and intimate, you see. That didn’t mean that he was opposed to taking the wife out on fancy dinner dates. However, with all the hustle and bustle of their jobs and such, Suresh was only too happy to stay in.

And right now?

He was just happy to help with dinner preparations after which he hoped he could cajole Advika into them snugly sitting together on the couch while they ate. “Coriander, bay leaves…” he murmured to himself in Hindi as he scanned the spice cabinet. Spices were Sonu’s thing, he loved them and wasn’t content with any food that lacked them.

“Hum bhee kya bana rahe hain, Advika?” What are we even making, Advika?

Important question, haan?
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