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Bryony didn't mind that Aryan was quiet. Or that he wasn't as fearless as she was. She was tiny and loud and a real force to be reckoned with when the mood struck her. Throwing a tantrum was common child's play for her if it meant she would be getting her way. And when it came to heights or large jumps, she was never afraid. Warriors weren't scared of anything!

Bryony beamed at her boyiefwiend. Perfect. His agreement in playing what she wanted meant she wouldn't have to cry to get her way. Aryan was really learning how to keep her happy, wasn't he? But.. wait.. where was he going?! Why was he running off towards the swings and not staying with her on the monkey bars?!

"Ary! Where you going???", Bry shouted after him flinging herself off of the bars to land on the ground in a crouch on her hands and feet. Leaping back up she took off running after him.
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