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"Sche is also likely vorried I vill blow somezzing up again," Adam ventured with a smile, glancing up at where he thought both ladies were standing before looking back down at the boils on Laurel's arm. Love could be volatile and unpredictable - which was one of the reasons his potions often exploded. Or so, he told himself. He was quite certain it was one of the of the leading causes for his booms, although he had no evidence to back up his claims.

Was he taking his time looking things over? Yes, sometimes it took his eyes a bit to focus. Being in the presence of an exploding star would do that to anyone he wagered. [b]"Gute news..."[b] He produced his raspberry wood wand from his back pocket and summoned his boil cure. It took a moment, but it zoomed through the air towards them. Hearing it coming, he snatched it out of the air. "Zis schould vork." He held the bottle out for Laurel. "Put ein (one) layer on undt zen vhen zey schtart to go down, put a second layer on. Schould clear up in an hour."

As for the death chamber? He didn't step foot in there. With his track record, he'd end up tripping and falling through the curtain and then who was be there to look after Zita and Micha? The mere idea made him worried, even if Laurel had assured him that the Ministry wasn't trying to kill him. "Ze lofe chamber iss nicht always varm undt fuzzy. Zere is ein corner vhere if you are nicht careful you vill feel ze vorst sort uff pain undt longing..." He got a weird look on his face and he shook his head slowly. "Sometimes people forget zat lofe has a dark side," he said quietly.
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