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Norman entered the owlery, a large brown paper-wrapped package in hand. Stepping farther inside, he set the package on the desk to free a hand to dig into his pocket for owl treats for Athena. Speaking of whom, where was she? HIs blue-green eyes scanned the room until he spotted the familiar white-faced owl snoozing. He gently stroked her head, and she awoke with a confused whoo.

The owl blinked sleepily but immediately perked up at the sight of treats. Norman smiled softly, watching her gobble up the handful of treats. “Eat up, you’ll need your strength,” he whispered. “You’re going all the way to Ilvermorny.” Probably for the last time…

He glanced back at the package on the desk, a package which contained a graduation present for his only daughter. How was Normandie graduating already?! It seemed like only yesterday that she’d entered his life and now… Last he heard, she was torn between going to university or straight into the Auror training program. She said she wanted to follow in his footsteps, and he wasn’t sure whether to feel proud or lowkey terrified!
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