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SPOILER!!: Cooper <3
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To all that, Cooper simply smiled back. Was there anything more than needed to be said on the matter anyway. He just hoped that she knew it was a sincere open invitation.

That lack of confidence he spoke of? Yes...about that...her hushed 'perfect' had him wondering whether or not the comment had been sarcasm and there was a flash of concern as to whether or not he had just become a disappointment. "Capturing just some average guy being average, you mean?" he chuckled, pushing the intrusive thoughts aside while he swirled his brush in his watered down acrylic and then began to brush the wash over his canvas. First from the top to the bottom in one fluid stroke and then bottom to top in a perfect parallel line to the first and right beside it. Cooper continued his up and down brush work until he had covered the entire canvas with his pale purple wash. Pursing his lips, he found himself a little ... something at how the wash had dripped off his brush and on to the canvas which then caused darker blotches here and there rather than one even color throughout.

"My dad taught me my passion too, photography," he nodded as he leaned back a bit to look at his canvas and opting to just throw a little caution to the wind and begin layering the shredded applications over it - horizontally at first...and he was being a little too methodical about it. "I like faces too...capturing them. Though...I prefer to capture those moments when my subject does not know that there is a lens on them...or really that anyone is watching them. Completely in their natural state." He did regular portraits too, of course, and had done a lot of the photography for Peter Pan, yearbook, and upon request took pictures of some of his mates who wanted head shots for one thing or another...but it always made him feel nervous. Nervous wasn't the right was more...heavy. Heavy with a certain expectation?

It was difficult to word it all properly - though he had done so very eloquently. Once. With Florrie. Before...well..before he had gone and mucked all that up.

"Exactly." Ash half-smiled. "I like portraits of reality." The truth was, the people here usually looked very sad in their portraits(it was Hogwarts), and they definitely never looked perfect(perfection did not exist). "I'm doing a personal project where I try to paint a lot of people in what they're feeling in the moment. And then I look for trends and stuff. In their expressions. And they all have dates, so I can compare it with whatever's going on at Hogwarts at that time." It was like a record. But she did it for other reasons too. "Mostly everyone just looks sad, but sometimes they don't." Sometimes they looked like they had won the lottery. Sometimes they looked murderous. Or contemplative! Or dead. Sometimes they had tiny little smiles and you could tell they wanted to laugh. It was fascinating. "I just like that you're a real person."

She watched and listened, noting that Cooper sounded like a wildlife photographer and was being very careful about his messy collage. "We learn a lot from our parents." What to do. What NOT to do. "'Capturing faces' is a good way to put it." It was preserving a tiny moment in time, almost like a... like a memory.
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