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After taking in the odors of the swamp and admiring the magic that had created it, Violet looked around, but saw nothing. Finally she looked down again and--there it was! Floating in the swamp! Of course! Clever. "Accio 'Mysterious Magical Waters' book! she cried, pulling out her wand. She tried to be very specific because, if you weren't with Accio, you sometimes might wind up with too many objects, or the wrong ones. But no, here came the book sailing towards her.
Curious about its contents, Violet reached down and picked it up, not worrying about how much it might be from the swamp. But she was surprised to find it was dry to the touch--Magic. Of course. She leafed through it for a few minutes--it looked interesting, she must remember to try to find an unswampy copy of it later--and almost put it back without taking a photo, until she remembered. What a chore, taking pictures of yourself all the time! She supposed Muggles did it because they didn't have any magic to occupy their time.

Once she took the photo, however, an envelope appeared, and Violet opened it eagerly. Hmm..the shiniest place? She thought that could be a lot of things. But...victories from the past and Hogwarts legends...she wondered if it could be the Trophy Room? She decided to go take a look.

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