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SPOILER!!: Jude!
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Jude really would like Evan to understand, and maybe someday he would help his friend to, that he really was worth being cared for and worthy of being thought of someone as having positive traits. The Hufflepuff clearly saw Evan for what he was, and it was more than because of the attraction on his part.

“Thanks.” Really. Jude had tried and it really was a warm feeling to see that Evan appreciated the effort. Jude found himself laughing. “Only because you’ve got that sweet tooth that never gets tired of sugar,’’ he teased. Jude tools his plate in his right hand and shifted his fork to his left. “That seems… counterproductive, doesn’t it?” Jude was always going to be honest with Evan. “It means that you’ll have to catch up on the class you missed.” He cut the slice with the fork then took the bite. Yep. This was perfect! If he failed at his intended careers, there was always the option of falling back as a baker.

“You’re welcome.” Jude nodded. Evan was in for a treat when he opened the box! “Haven’t really thought of it yet. Maybe I’ll drag Rea off to do some dance practice with me. Or hang out with Keigh. There’s always homework to do…” Then he brightened. “Definitely going to be spending some time in the Music Room though.” Jude continued nonchalantly: “I figured you’ve got celebrating to get back to, Ev. You can share the rest of the cake with Maya and Lisa and your other friends.”

The tease and laugh got a bit of a bashful smile as he took another bite off the plate in his hands, a small shrug. "I believe there was a study about how sweets make you happy. I just need extra doses of happy throughout the day." At least dancing also kept him active. Though... even if he didn't dance, being located in the Ravenclaw tower certainly would have done it for him too. "Do you like sweets?" It occurred to him he didn't really know. He'd offer his stash often, but was that the only time Jude really liked candy? "It wasn't the smartest, but it wasn't that bad either. I'd always get the coursework, or Maya would bring me her notes." The ever concerned sister, even if she also thought he and Lisa were dramatic.

Part of that might have been correct.

"Sounds like you have a large selection of options then." He smiled a bit, figuring he shouldn't see then if Jude wanted to do something else and hang out more. The Hufflepuff's day sounded quite busy. But celebrating to get back to? Evan raised an eyebrow before giving a small shrug, "Not really. I didn't make plans with anyone." Outside of this anyways. "But I'm sure they'd enjoy cake, so maybe I will go find them. They can help me decide if yours is actually better than my cousins. I'm leaning yes."

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