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Eagerly… so eagerly Aria grabbed the envelope in the Study Hall. She opened the clue only to have her excitement- balloon punctured. Some of said excitement oozed out and deflated the high horse she had been upon. This was NOT the clue she needed.

Aria pouted and looked down at the picture she had already taken. “Cheer up!” she told herself. “Failure is always necessary to succeed.” Wasn’t that what her fathers taught her? This picture would be kept; as so she added it to the collection of the others before she began the process of retracing her steps.

There was already an idea of where the next book would be.

* * * * * * *

The fifth floor corridor.

The Slytherin arrived there, pondering about the clue still. The Weasley Swamp? That wasn’t exactly a room, was it? But still… water shouldn't be there as this wasn’t the place for a swamp. Aria approached the swamp with caution, holding her breath. Just where was the book, if there was one? Let the search begin!

* * * * * * *

Oh yes. Aria DID enjoy Holden’s lectures almost as she liked looking at his face. “Looking forward to it all, professor. Very much.” Could they like… get started soon? Those other students had better hurry on up. Speaking of…

Broody Yoon.

That was what came immediately to Aria’s mind as she observed the Hufflepuff’s body language. Aria didn’t judge him though; there had to be a reason or reasons why he was like that. She offered him a smile, as she did Violet.

OhhH?? Inspiration from an old Muggle show? Well this ought to be interesting! Aria bounced on her feet in anticipation. How was that as a response to the news? Here was the plan, Aria told herself: get most of the questions right, build the raft/boat/whatever and have smooth sailing to this checkpoint.

OOH! Aria knew the answer to this one. She thrust a hand in the air. “Aconite!”
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