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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Jane turned at the sound of Laurel's voice and gave a small smile back. "I don't think so; he looks too peaceful. I just came in for some coffee and to...get away..from the Chamber, you know, and I found him like this. I wasn't sure if I should wake him or not, he looks so comfortable."
Laurel kept studying her friends snoozing figure when Janes voice cut off her thoughts of why Adam was sleeping at work. Furrowing her brows slightly she asked Jane "Is something off in the Chamber?" Turning her eyes back on Adam she said in response to Janes observation. "I think we should wake Adam up even if he looks so comfortable and peaceful. If Airey wanders in he won't be pleased."

Laurel walked closer to Adam and reached down to shake him slightly by the right arm to hopefully not startle him too much. "Adam? Adam wake up? Can you hear me? You can't sleep at work."
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