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SPOILER!!: Hi Cooper <3
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Cooper had not been visible when she had entered the room for he was tucked away in the supply closet trying to look for come spare mountain canvas pieces that Olivia had tucked away in here during one of their art lessons that had inevitably gotten derailed. He was certainly not an artist unless it was behind a lens or in the dark room, but he had been inspired to flex his creativity a bit and the thing about abstract art was, well, messes tended to make for the best pieces.

So he had been encouraged. So he was pretending as he finally emerged with a canvas in hand and notices Ashley on the floor with her art. "Hey," he smiled at her while offering a little wave. "Hope you don't mind some company while you work. Dabbling a bit myself today." And he patted his bag with his hand, wherein was the other part to the piece he was going to work on.

Ash did not appear to have heard Cooper at all. She had heard, but she was far too engrossed in her art to listen. So it was a good minute of her just accidentally ignoring him(continuing with the humming) until she distractedly looked up and noticed he was talking to her. "Hm? Oh, ummm, yeah sure. I don't mind.... Hey Cooper..." As long as he didn't kick her out. That would be mean and Ash would not go along with it.

She looked over at him from her spot in the corner. "What are you making?" Was it gonna be fun? Was it going to be messy? Could she see? Ash had always been fascinated by what other people chose to make, and the potential for a new perspective was enough to catch her attention for a while. It wasn't enough to make her get off the floor though. It was comfy down here. And she could see the door without the door seeing her.
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