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It would have been a shock to him that Jude considered him nice and friendly. Though... perhaps more the friendly part, he intentionally tried to not go out and be a jerk. No one liked that. A small part of him was always still a bit surprised when people seemed to care, though each birthday and the longer he was at Hogwarts, the more people showed. He was clearly lucky.

"Well your best was really good." He was still very impressed. "Although you also bring up a good point, getting to eat the cake after was the best part." His favorite part of the lesson by far, but how could it have not been? Sugar was his guilty pleasure. The nice thing about birthday meant that there was a lot of it. "I suppose there's nothing wrong with it, but... I think I am pretty single minded. OWLs is all I've been thinking on. Even when I wasn't feeling great. I skipped class. To study." Truthfully, even he could find the humor in that. Evan picked up the fork when Jude passed it over, muttering a small 'thanks' as he did so before taking a forkful. "Mm, delicious!" As good as it looked.

"Well, thank you. I appreciate it. I'll open it later." So he could eat cake now, because zero self control "What's your plan for the rest of the day?"

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