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SPOILER!!: Ev! <3
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post

By the time Evan had seen Jude, the Hufflepuff was smiling and still seemed in good spirits, so he was hopeful that meant he'd not upset his friend by his tardiness - something he abhorred as a trait in general which made him feel extra bad about making his friend wait. He was probably still covered in the glitter his dorm mates and sisters had left around for him, but it would have taken far too long to get it all off prior. "Thanks." He offered, a smile as well in response to the easy forgiveness of showing up so late.

Interesting? An eyebrow raised quizzically at the response, and he tilted his head and opened his mouth with intention to ask what that meant but he was distracted immediately by the candle going into a rather impressive looking cake. Ev blinked for a second, before pointing at it and looking back at Jude. "Did you make and decorate this?? This is insanely impressive!" All the detail work. Jude had definitely picked something up in Professor Applewood's previous lesson. Evan's had looked nothing short of a mess. "This looks like something that could be sold in my cousin's bakery!" If only he had a camera so he could take a picture to show Chin-hae later. Looking back up at the words, the Ravenclaw smiled before closing his eyes and making a quick wish before blowing out the candle. "You outdid yourself, Jude. Thank you. You didn't need to do all this work for me." To him, it was just another day. But he did appreciate his friend putting in all this effort for his sake.

And he did not the use of 'best friend', which was what he thought of Jude too. He was just pleased to know it was reciprocated, and their friendship could still be fairly normal and close given Jude's feelings and Evan's current lack of. It only made him uncomfortable in the sense of he was extra cautious of his actions with others to not hurt Jude, though that wasn't even something he'd deem 'uncomfortable' so much as just an awareness.

Jude couldn’t help it. Whenever he saw Evan, he always felt happier. Sometimes he wasn’t sure if this was due to his romantic feelings for the Ravenclaw or if it was because their friendship was his absolute favourite. Maybe it was both. Brown eyes took in the glitter with amusement. Clearly Evan had been having a good time with his other friends. Did this mean that Jude had interrupted? Jude didn’t like that thought and made up his mind that he wouldn’t keep Ev longer than necessary.

The fourth year was thankful that he managed to distract the other guy. Grinning, he set his wand down on the table. He could read the surprise on Evan’s facial features. “I had some help from the elves,’’ he responded honestly. “Applewood’s cake decorating lesson from last term really came in handy though.’’ Thank you, Professor Applewood! Jude chuckled. “You flatter me but thank you.’’ He had worked hard to make the cake as perfect as possible, and was relieved that Evan appreciated that. The Hufflepuff took the time Evan had his eyes closed to properly stare at him. He never admitted it to anyone, not even to Reagan, but he thought that the Ravenclaw was perfect. Evan probably thought that he wasn’t, but Jude saw through anything Evan would deem imperfection. This was not limited to physical attributes. “Did you make a wish about passing all your OWLs?’’ Jude teased. Then he quickly held up his hand. “No, don’t tell me otherwise it won’t come through.” And he wanted it to. He waved his hand dismissively. “I wanted to.” Because you deserve the best after all you've been through. “You’re welcome though! Here.” He held out a knife to his friend. “Now you get to taste it.” With his free hand, Jude nudged two plates closer to Evan. Like he always said, one couldn’t have a birthday without cake! “Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I got you a little something.” He nodded towards the rectangular shaped wrapped box.

At least his close friendship wasn’t rejected. This was a good thing because he knew he’d be broken all over again if he lost Evan’s friendship as well. He just hoped to Merlin that he had the courage to give up on the feelings he held for Evan should he lose all hope that Evan would come around. Or just as bad, should Evan find someone else. It was only at this point that Jude fully understand {or thought that he did} Reagan’s motive for setting him up with Davet.
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