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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Maybe Evan really had forgotten.

This was Jude’s thought, his heart sinking as the words resonated in his head. Then again, it would make sense if his friend forgot, right? Evan had a ton of friends and no doubt they would have done special things for him that would have occupied his time. Jude had actually gotten to his feet, fully intending to disappear off to the music room to drown his disappointment when the entrance to the kitchen opened and in stepped a particular Ravenclaw.

The Hufflepuff’s spirits lifted immediately and a smile lit up his face. “Hey! It’s fine.” Ohh, Lisa and Maya. The girls probably had their own surprise planned for Evan. That too made sense. “It was… interesting,’’ Jude replied, looking away. He had already decided not to mention the fact that he’d been on a date that was all Reagan’s doing. Jude still felt disloyal to Evan whenever he thought of that time at the ice skating rink, no matter how much fun he’d had with Davet. He grabbed the single blue candle {which was adorned with stars} and carefully stuck it in the center of the cake. “Tell me all about yours after you’ve made a wish.” Grinning, Jude muttered the Fire Making Spell’s incantation and did the thing with his wand to have the candle lit. Finally, Jude trained his gaze back to Evan. “Happy birthday to the best friend a guy could ever have!” It was true: Evan was Jude’s closest friend; maybe they were best friends, he didn’t know but he didn’t want to impose the title on Evan should Evan not want another bestie after how things went with Solana. And he especially wasn't going to impose it should he make the Ravenclaw feel awkward since the other guy knew that Jude liked him more than in a friendly way.

By the time Evan had seen Jude, the Hufflepuff was smiling and still seemed in good spirits, so he was hopeful that meant he'd not upset his friend by his tardiness - something he abhorred as a trait in general which made him feel extra bad about making his friend wait. He was probably still covered in the glitter his dorm mates and sisters had left around for him, but it would have taken far too long to get it all off prior. "Thanks." He offered, a smile as well in response to the easy forgiveness of showing up so late.

Interesting? An eyebrow raised quizzically at the response, and he tilted his head and opened his mouth with intention to ask what that meant but he was distracted immediately by the candle going into a rather impressive looking cake. Ev blinked for a second, before pointing at it and looking back at Jude. "Did you make and decorate this?? This is insanely impressive!" All the detail work. Jude had definitely picked something up in Professor Applewood's previous lesson. Evan's had looked nothing short of a mess. "This looks like something that could be sold in my cousin's bakery!" If only he had a camera so he could take a picture to show Chin-hae later. Looking back up at the words, the Ravenclaw smiled before closing his eyes and making a quick wish before blowing out the candle. "You outdid yourself, Jude. Thank you. You didn't need to do all this work for me." To him, it was just another day. But he did appreciate his friend putting in all this effort for his sake.

And he did not the use of 'best friend', which was what he thought of Jude too. He was just pleased to know it was reciprocated, and their friendship could still be fairly normal and close given Jude's feelings and Evan's current lack of. It only made him uncomfortable in the sense of he was extra cautious of his actions with others to not hurt Jude, though that wasn't even something he'd deem 'uncomfortable' so much as just an awareness.

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