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A brow rose ever-so-slightly at the sight of the man writing down his order and passing it on. The whole situation was very old fashioned, and Jordan really had to force himself to not comment about it. He wasn't really there to engage in such small talk. All he wanted was food and a place to stay that was low-key. The rest he would figure out later.

But, of course, small talk was inevitable, wasn't it? "Yeah," he replied with a bit of a nod. "New York. From the Bronx." He wasn't entirely sure what prompted him to provide that last piece of information, so he fell silent and watch the ginger man take the coins and hand over the drink, which the young adult did not hesitate to take and press to his lips.

The drink was set down, making a light thudding noise on the counter. It was much lighter than the internal thud he felt at seeing the room prices. "Umm, not sure," he eventually told the man. "Haven't exactly got a living situation figured out yet." Nor did he have a job secured, but that detail he omitted.

"But, uhh, I'll just go fill this out over there," Jordan added, nodding his head in the direction of a nearby table. He needed a moment to figure things out.

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