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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
"Joseph," he said simply, attempting to jiggle the mirror again. It didn't budge. He frowned, focused on the task. Maybe it was hung with a sticking charm. Probably not a permanent one, as that would be ill-advised for a decor item. In his opinion, at least.

After a brief moment's thought--a rarity, for him--he drew his wand and pointed it at the frame of the mirror. "Avexis," he said simply, glad he'd learned the unsticking charm. "Let's try to move it now."
"Cool! We're double J." He watched as Joseph attempted to jiggle the mirror again. There MUST be a way to get this thing off. Jas didn't give up, it wasn't in his nature to. Not when he wanted whatever it was he was working towards.

"What spell was that?" He wondered out loud, reaching for the frame again and attempting to jiggle it free on the--"Count of three! One..... Two..."

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