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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post

Evan had not forgotten when and where to meet Jude. It was just taking longer to get there than he anticipated, as there had been decorations and plenty of origami to carefully making his way around in order to leave his dorm room. His dorm mates were always nice enough to help his sisters with this seemingly yearly tradition. Which he'd made quick detours to find his sisters and thank them, though he'd have to offer gratitude to the dorm mates later, before quickly making his way down to the kitchens.

He was a few minutes late by the time he got there, stepping through the entrance. "Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. Sisters." He'd go more in depth too if needed. His birthday was so close to return after break too, he'd not had a chance to catch up with his friend either. "How was your holiday?"

Maybe Evan really had forgotten.

This was Jude’s thought, his heart sinking as the words resonated in his head. Then again, it would make sense if his friend forgot, right? Evan had a ton of friends and no doubt they would have done special things for him that would have occupied his time. Jude had actually gotten to his feet, fully intending to disappear off to the music room to drown his disappointment when the entrance to the kitchen opened and in stepped a particular Ravenclaw.

The Hufflepuff’s spirits lifted immediately and a smile lit up his face. “Hey! It’s fine.” Ohh, Lisa and Maya. The girls probably had their own surprise planned for Evan. That too made sense. “It was… interesting,’’ Jude replied, looking away. He had already decided not to mention the fact that he’d been on a date that was all Reagan’s doing. Jude still felt disloyal to Evan whenever he thought of that time at the ice skating rink, no matter how much fun he’d had with Davet. He grabbed the single blue candle {which was adorned with stars} and carefully stuck it in the center of the cake. “Tell me all about yours after you’ve made a wish.” Grinning, Jude muttered the Fire Making Spell’s incantation and did the thing with his wand to have the candle lit. Finally, Jude trained his gaze back to Evan. “Happy birthday to the best friend a guy could ever have!” It was true: Evan was Jude’s closest friend; maybe they were best friends, he didn’t know but he didn’t want to impose the title on Evan should Evan not want another bestie after how things went with Solana. And he especially wasn't going to impose it should he make the Ravenclaw feel awkward since the other guy knew that Jude liked him more than in a friendly way.
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