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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
It was THE day.

Evanís birthday.

Jude had everything set, having planned this all weeks ago. It was planned around the Christmas holidays, actually. Between dance practice, family time and a date that made him develop a liking for ice skating, Jude had found the time to also do shopping for Evanís presents. Said presents were in a rectangular box beside him on the table. It contained merchandise from various Muggle bands that he knew Evan liked.

Jude was nervous. He had put that Muggle Studies lesson where Applewood taught them about cake decoration to good use. The house elves had helped bake and decorate the single tiered cake. What exactly was the decoration? Nothing too trendy because Jude wasnít the artistic type. But heíd done his best: a pale blue frosted cake with with darker blue drip frosting; on top was a replica of Evanís psychology book - the one Jude had been holding while they were in the Aviary, and a child at a table in the process of doing some sketches while Evan with a notepad in hand observed. Everything was edible. Like we mentioned, the Hufflepuff planned this thoroughly. Hopefully it all came across as perfect to Evan.

He just waited for the Ravenclaw now while he fidgeted with the ribbon on the gift box. Jude hoped that his friend hadnít forgotten to meet him here.

Evan had not forgotten when and where to meet Jude. It was just taking longer to get there than he anticipated, as there had been decorations and plenty of origami to carefully making his way around in order to leave his dorm room. His dorm mates were always nice enough to help his sisters with this seemingly yearly tradition. Which he'd made quick detours to find his sisters and thank them, though he'd have to offer gratitude to the dorm mates later, before quickly making his way down to the kitchens.

He was a few minutes late by the time he got there, stepping through the entrance. "Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. Sisters." He'd go more in depth too if needed. His birthday was so close to return after break too, he'd not had a chance to catch up with his friend either. "How was your holiday?"

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