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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
As the ginger dude spoke, the American plopped his rug sack on the floor with a surprisingly loud thud (mainly so he could slip out of his jacket before he overheated, secondly to give his shoulders a break) and glanced at the menu that was offered. At first he scanned the entire thinking, looking for something cheap, though he was happy to find that everything was reasonably priced -- these definitely were not New York prices.

"I'll give the veela-haired pasta a try," he said, digging in his pockets for coin. He set what all he had on the counter and started sorting everything, which mostly contained of Dragots and Sprinks with a few Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts sprinkled in here and there.

Jordan moved the required Galleons and Sickles forward. "And I'll have a Butterbeer with that too," he continued as he placed another gold coin in front of him and swept the rest back in his pocket.

"You have rooms in this place, right?" The question was an afterthought, but it was necessary. He didn't, after all, have a place to go to as he was, for lack of a better phrase, fresh off the boat. "New to the country," he explained before he was asked, "so I'll need a temporary thing."
"One veela haired pasta, coming right up!" Braylon noted it on his pad of paper, before passing the note off to an employee for them to get the pasta ready. Bray noticed the coins the gentleman was carrying, and between currency and accent.. "Are you also from the States?" It had been about 4 years since his family had relocated across the pond, but his own accent was something that could not be shaken. Not that he wanted to. "Where about?"

Hearing the request for a butterbeer as well, the ginger haired man grabbed an empty mug and began to fill it from the tap. Maximum amount of liquid, with the most delicious looking layer of foam covering the top. Mmm. Presenting the drink, Bray also scooped the coins to deposit them into the till, making quick note of what was already paid in case refund or additions were needed later. "Thank you, sir."

Ahh, would need lodging to then? That just solidified his theory about the young man. Nodding at the question, an application was grabbed and presented as well. "We do! Just ask this be filled out with some info. How long you needing something for? We have our pricing listed for discount for two weeks, but if you need a longer amount of time we can figure something out for a bit more of a discounted rate." He had no necessity or desire to truly empty people's pockets. Perhaps this made him a bad business man.

SPOILER!!: Lodging Application
Full Name:
Guests (names and ages of all others staying with you):
Date of Birth:
Address (town, country or just country):
Length of Stay (how many nights):
Pets (number and type(s) of pets staying with - 4 galleons per pet):
Balcony (yay or nay - costs more per night):

* Sunday - Thursday = 15 galleons per night; Friday - Saturday = 17 galleons per night.
* 1 week stay = 80 galleons for up to 2 people (85 galleons for rooms with a balcony)
** 2 week stay = 160 galleons for up to 2 people (165 galleons for rooms with a balcony)
*** Other deals include dinner service and evening wine service. See Lucy for special pricing.
**** Prices include breakfast: unlimited toast with jam, two strips of bacon or sausage, and whatever fruit is in season with yogurt

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