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SPOILER!!: The Willow!
Originally Posted by Whomping Willow View Post
It seemed time to remind the students there was only one big plant on campus.

Snowfall was the perfect time for the Willow to assert her dominance. And as millions of unique little snowflakes fell and collected on her branches; she stilled herself to allow them to accumulate. Biding her time until her branches were heavy.



Once the weight was adequate, one long branch cocked back before THROWING a heavy load of fresh powder outwards.


Fresh air.

Cold but fresh nevertheless. Or so Jude thought. What he was doing out here in this sort of weather… well, don’t ask him for he didn’t know either. A walk seemed like a good idea a few minutes ago. His feet took him towards the Willow, a tree which he was always careful to admire from afar. Tales of the tree’s adventure were enough for him, thanks.

He stood there eyeing the tree and that Slytherin, his arms folded tightly against his chest for extra warmth. Sometime shortly, the Hufflepuff noticed that a branch of the Willow was moving; and not just any movement was made. Before Jude could properly react, a great pile of snow was pelted his way. All that he managed was ducking slightly. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of the snow smacked onto his face. The force knocked him backwards and he went down with a heavy smack!

Jude laid there dazed, snow resting snuggly and awfully cold on his face.


Did Dawn fare better than him, he dizzily wondered?
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