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Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Valentina looked around, making sure she'd picked up all of the laundry.. when she finally noticed her red underwear. On Atlas' head. Underwear. His HEAD.


She quickly made a grab for them, her face flushed. OHMYGOSH. "Sorry." She finally mumbled before setting her laundry down and extending a hand. "Want help?" Nope, not looking at him at ALL. Nope.
Red. Ironic. That was also the color of his face currently, now that he realized what exactly was on his head. Not that this was the first time he had had underwear on his head, nor even girl panties. What? Aries and him had raided Andromeda's closet once or twice and put together some costumes based on her undergarments and otherwise. But, well, this particular sort of thing was ... new ...

Also, her sudden grabbing like that? It was unfortunate..

"YEOUCH!" Atlas howled as some of his blonde locks that had become somewhat ensnared with the fabric was YANKED and a couple full on plucked from the top of his head. " with...what?" he groaned, rubbing the spot atop his head that was all tingly in pain. "Find the hairs you just yanked out?"

So no one could use them against him, obviously.

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