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In the recent months, the Leaky Cauldron proprietor had managed to become rather subdued. At least... as subdued as Braylon Sawyer could probably get. And he found he was rather glad for business and hustle and bustle of a Friday night. Kept him distracted. But what he liked even more than just a busy Friday? Regulars. Regulars were easy to talk to, and they were fun. Besides, what business owner didn't like having repeat customers?

Glancing up hearing his name, the red haired man gave a wave of his hand. "Hidey ho, Wallace! Glad to see you made it in!" He finished up serving the patron in front of him, a rather tasty looking sandwich and a firewhiskey, before heading towards the kitchen to grab fish and chips and a butter beer. He kept one eye opened to watch where Wallace might settle, so that he could deliver his food once done.

Lucky for Mr. Crum, he'd just put in a fresh batch of chips. The cream of the crop.

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