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Another Friday had rolled around and Wallace found himself in the same spot as he did every other Friday. By the time Wallace got out of the office it was well into the evening. His stomach growled as he took a spot at the bar and waited for Braylon to get to him.

Surveying the healthy group of people he could see, the Leaky was doing alright for a Friday. Wallace grinned to himself, the Leaky felt like home.

"Hey, Braylon. Give me the usual Friday order." He smiled at the barkeep. "Fish and chips and a Butterbeer." Wallace rarely changed his order, not because he was dull but because fish and chips used to be Margie and his Friday dinner for years. "No rush." Wallace added on, waving at Braylon to take care of the other patrons.

Carefully, Wallace counted out the right amount of money and placed it on the bar top before turning to find a suitable seat for the evening.
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