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Default Evan + Violet + river
Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Seeing that Carton was in fact still alive(as everyone apparently expected), Ash followed a little behind Evan and Violet. Hey... was that a river? She was very relieved. Rivers were made of water, and they couldn't attack you. She caught up to her two teammates and quietly listened to them talk while she stared at the rushing water as if she couldn't hear them. She did hear them though... "I'll go first." She still had pretty good upper body strength. Plus, she didn't mind being the test subject for kinda-dangerous things. The worst that could happen was just falling and getting hurt. She wondered if the water was even real, and what would happen if the rope broke over the river vs the solid ground.

Ash grabbed ahold of one of the 'ropes', took a step back, and jumped, letting her body weight do the rest. Let's hope Violet was good at her spellwork.
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