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Default Evan and Ash on the left fork in the path

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
... If only he wasn't now blanking on the incantation. He turned back towards the girls. "I think our best bet is to try to swing from these vines and use the second spell to create some on the other side that we could swing to." In a very Tarzan-esque type fashion. "What do you think?"
"Well, maybe we should transform them into ropes first--don't want to take a chance on them breaking, y'know," replied Violet. She also wanted to get rid of the vines as quickly as possible, so no one would have time to get nervous about them. And, pointing her wand at the vines in question, she said firmly, "Vinea Funiculus!" and did just that.

Feeling very pleased with herself, Violet turned back to survey her handiwork and suddenly the smile disappeared from her face. Oh dear, now they had to swing on them, right? Violet was not good at athletics. She really hoped she was not going to wind up in the river (if she did, maybe one of her teammates would remember how to conjure a net and fish her out).
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