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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
"Ah, yes, good question!" Javier called out when he heard Delilah raising her hand. He walked over to her desk to assist her but raised his voice so the whole class could hear him.

"To stun your bouncing bulb, point your wand at the bulb and say STUPEFY. They're small and shouldn't be jumping around too much but if you need help, ask me or another one of the older students for assistance, I'd be happy to help," he explained. He waved his wand to make a quick adjustment to his instructions before continuing.
Delilah felt she probably should have known the answer to her question, but seeing as she was only a first year, she'd much rather ask than blow up the cauldron. She nodded toward the professor then reached for her wand and the bulb. She laid the bulb out before her and pointed her wand toward it. "Stupefy!" she called out. Oh. Okay, then. That had been easy enough. She stowed her wand back into her holster then starting peeling off the skin of the bulb. She pushed the skin to the side then started chopping the bulb. When it looked like she'd chopped enough, she measured out 100g of the bulb. She poured it into her cauldron and started stirring.

So now, she just sat and waited, apparently. Or...she could carve her pumpkin. Delilah decided to get a little artistic (and work on not making her Diffindo so squiggly). She decided to do basic, triangular-shaped eyes, mainly because she wasn't good enough with Diffindo to do much else. She pulled out her wand again and got to work. "Diffindo!" she said, then began carving the eyes.
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