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Hearing Ash agree to go in, Evan gave her a small smile before starting forward as well. When she paused, however he halted as well and turned towards her, a questioning tilt to his head. Glancing back at the maze at her words, he considered it before giving his shoulders a small shrug. "Carton has been one of the good ones. I imagine the reason he isn't going in too is because he has a better vantage point of the maze from out here in case someone gets scared and needs him." But then she was asking if the Professor would be going in too, and he shushed himself. He briefly considered going in ahead but didn't want to leave her, so he'd wait as well.

Violet approached as well and inquired about going with them, and Evan gave another small half smile and a nod of his head, "Please do.". He had zero issues with that, another team mate would be helpful, and Violet was intelligent.

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