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Karleigh was having a difficult time with the net-conjuring spell, but she had difficulty with conjuration in general. It was of course a more difficult branch of Transfiguration, but that fact made it no less frustrating for the fifth year. OWLs would be in a matter of months so she really needed to get good and fast.

But she was pleased when Professor Carton said that the next spell wouldn't be quite as difficult. She really needed that confidence boost right now, so hopefully she had better luck with the vine to rope transformation. She spent a few moments practicing the wand movement and incantation, trying the spell on some of the outside vines. And on her third try, she was pleased to create a rope from the vines.

But by the time she was finished and satisfied with her practice, Karleigh looked around and noticed that a lot of the people she knew had already paired up and were heading inside. Of course they were. That fit in perfect with how things were going lately. But maybe she shouldn't let that get her down and turn this into an opportunity to make a new friend.

She looked around for someone her age who appeared partner-less, but her eyes soon fell on a younger girl in her house (Delilah) who was all alone and heading into the maze by herself. Karleigh did not like to be alone herself and didn't want someone younger to feel that way either, especially when she might not know many spells as a first year.

"Hey!" she whispered loudly, trying not to startle the girl, as she followed her down the center path. "Do you want to work together?"
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