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Mercer was back on solid footing now he could holster his wand and get back to mucking around with the pumpkin innards. And with making his potion the greatest pumpkin potion in the world. "I wish that this was a potion that turned all foods into pumpkin pie. Wouldn't that be the best? Or maybe it stays the same food but it tastes like pumpkin pie," Mercer confided to Milo as he tipped pumpkin guts into his cauldron, followed by water. He already knew how to turn on the heat, so he did that as well.

"It would be like... the greatest nutrition plan ever. Don't like vegetables? Make them taste like pie. Don't get enough iron... pie flavored liver and onions!" The little dried up moths were next, and Mercer held each of them up to the light to admire how the wings looked. Because they didn't look like that after he ground them up and tipped them into the cauldron.
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