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Alright, time to get started! Delilah gathered up all the disgusting pumpkin innards and measured out exactly two cups. She then poured the innards into her cauldron with a cup of water. She leaned down and eyed the burner, and then she turned the dial until the heat was set on medium. She eyed her cauldron, mainly to make sure nothing was about to blow up or anything crazy like that, and she turned her attention to the flitterby moths.

She put them in the mortar and began to grind them with the pestle. By the time they were a fine powder, her brew was at a good light simmer. She added the moths to the cauldron and began stirring. After four complete stirs, just like directions said, the potion was actually a nice, grass green color. "Uhh, Professor?" she asked, raising her hand. "What am I supposed to do to stun this bouncing bulb?" Help, please!
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