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Default Ashley and Evan

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
But Evan was serious, and she didn't want to abandon her friend. "I guess... I'll go in if you go in."

Ash took like one step towards the maze and completely tensed up. Could she change her mind? She changed her mind. "I don't want to go in yet. Carton can't expect us to go in there without him." If it was so safe, then the professor should have no problem entering. Ash raised her hand to get the professor. "Are you coming in too?" She wasn't going to be tricked this time.
Violet came up behind Ash and Evan. She'd been reluctant to interfere between two, as she sensed something might be going on there that would not welcome a third party, but then she noticed Ashley was starting to move toward her freaking out mode and decided to intervene. "Mind if I join you two?" she offered, looking over at Evan and hoping he wasn't going to be annoyed.

Turning back to Ashley, she lowered her voice and muttered, "Come on, the professor can't go with everyone and, like he said, it's not real. Might as well get used to dealing with scary things in school instead of waiting till they happen in real life." Raising her voice a little, she added, "I'll go first if you both don't mind. Too bad they didn't teach us this vines spell last year, eh?"
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