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Originally Posted by goldenlinings View Post
Dark eyebrows knotted together in frustration, and hair frazzled at the ends, Iris was definitely not the image of the well-bred, mild-mannered woman she was raised to be. She scowled further at the list in her hand, crossing off items with her wand as she stalked the streets of Diagon Alley.

She still had a mountain of shopping to do if she planned on staying at the Leaky Cauldron and leaving behind most of her clothes at the manor, and clearly she was nowhere near done. The former Slytherin absently noted that pressing crowd that was growing as she approached the area around the street vendors. She glanced to her left and looked at a stall with oddly mixed and matched knick-knacks. 'Huh, those are pretty' She thought to herself.
Truth be told, Nicola hadn't been to Diagon Alley in a long time. Ever since her graduation from Hogwarts, she had mostly integrated herself into the Muggle world the day she entered her fancy arts university and has never really looked back. Her only connections to the magical world at this point were her friends and, well, her obvious magical status. It wasn't too hard handling the best of both worlds, being a muggleborn herself. If she could find supplies in Muggle London, then there was no need for a visit to the alley.

Except today, she was in need of pet supplies. Obviously for pets that are non-existent to the Muggle world. It was no bother though, as Nicola liked finding a reason to go around, but she had always been the type to get easily distracted. Like right now, she was curiously looking at the dill pickle flavoured popcorn in display. Did they always have those here? She then paused at the next stall with such a wide array of jewelry and little decors. Is that a gem? "Do you think those are real?" Nicola asked, to nobody in particular at first, but she then turned to the other girl at her side.
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