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"Good day to you too, Minister!" she returned the greeting when the door opened to reveal none other than Charles Hollingberry. With a smile, Isabel uncrossed her arms to assume a more welcoming attitude. She liked to project warmth, even when work wasn't exactly going in the direction she hoped. A conversation with the fatherly bossman could be just what she needed to renew her motivation. She glanced back at the map and replied appreciatively, "So have I. It's very useful too - did you know Newt Scamander carried a copy just like this on his expeditions?"

Regardless of whether they were to continue talking about her cool map, Isabel really wanted her guest to first sit down and relieve his (presumably) achy leg. She gestured politely for the Minister to sit on the couch, after which she followed suit. "Please, take a seat. Would you like something to drink? And ... am I correct in believing that you are here to discuss the finding that I mentioned?" she said slowly.
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