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SPOILER!!: Individual replies ^_^
Text Cut: Nam
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa couldn’t wait for the lesson to start. She stood and waited patiently.. but kept tapping her foot… Lisa couldn’t wait for the lesson to start. She always enjoyed this class!


Norman hadn’t been waiting long when the first student arrived. “Hello, Miss Nam,” he greeted, unable to resist a slight smile as he noticed the foot tapping, It was nice to see students so eager!

Text Cut: Anders
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Another afternoon, another lesson.

At present, it happened to be Transfiguration which Jude was okay at. It came as a nice change that they were outdoors for today’s lessons and he couldn’t wait to find out what the topic would be. He hoped it would be something exciting. The Hufflepuff found Professor Carton by the board eventually. "Hi, good afternoon, professor GREEN GOBLIN."

He blinked, having looked past the man. A maze! THAT was exciting. The vines… not so much. Events of last term flashed in his mind as he went to stand as directed. "Hi, Lisa."

“Good afternoon, Mr. Anders,” Norman replied to the next arrival, his eyes following the boy as he found a place to stand. Had he known what the boy was thinking, he would’ve assured him that yes, they were in for something exciting - at least he hoped the students would think so!

Text Cut: Hazelwood
Originally Posted by Awarlesta Black View Post
Sirius had to literally drag himself out of bed and well, basically he was still dragging himself...along this path to Transfiguration. The sun felt nice on his cold cheeks, but regardless of not being that cold, he was still trembling a bit.

His steps slowed down as he approached where the Professor was waiting and...where a big maze wall towered over them. Uhh...NOPE! Sirius willed himself to turn back around, but another of himself battled it and stayed put. One thing for sure, he was not going to be in the front. Sirius shuffled himself to the back of semicircle to hide. Here, here is good.

Norman immediately noticed Hazelwood’s trembling and was mildly concerned. Was he ill or just intimidated by the maze? Hard to tell at first glance, but he'd be keeping an eye on this one, lest the kid need the healer. For now, he chose not to draw attention to it. “Hello, Mr. Hazelwood,” he greeted with a polite nod in the boy’s direction.

Text Cut: James
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
While Kinsay James did not like Transfiguration, she did like lessons without strict uniform requirements. So, of course, she took heed of the opportunity to dress however she wanted to class today. Thanks, Professor Carton! And while she was sure most of her classmates would take the direction to "dress comfortably" as the go-ahead to show up in lazy tracksuits and sweats, Kins wouldn't be wasting the opportunity like that. Instead, she opted for layers and gold detailing. In the end, her fit consisted of big jeans (cinched at the waste), a skintight black mock-neck top (layered necklaces for added detail), a leather jacket (it was either this or a blazer), white trainers (a classic), rings on rings (naturally), and some fun sunnies (they were practical).

So all in all, she was in high spirits as she made her way to the grounds and joined everyone in forming a semicircle. "We should ditch uniforms more often, Professor," she flashed him her cutest smile as she moved her sunglasses to her head. How could anyone say no to this face?

James’s remark got a slight smile from Norman. “Hello, Miss James,” he replied. “I’ll keep that in mind.” And no, that wasn’t a cop-out answer. He already agreed with her, no cutesy smile required. Truth be told, he never put much stock in uniforms. As long as his students were alert, safe and not causing a disturbance, he didn’t care what they wore! Unfortunately, rules were rules, so there was only so much he could do about it. But he would consider holding more lessons like this, in which regular uniforms would be more hindrance than help.

Text Cut: Horton
Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Since it could be chilly outside this time of year, Devin had worn a cozy sweater with sleeves that were just a little bit long on him so he could tuck his hands up into the sleeves for warmth. He took a deep breath of the fresh air as he casually strolled up to the location where the transfiguration lesson would be held. The weather was nice for an outdoor lesson. There were lots of good things about being outside, like - oh no. Devin cringed at the sight of the vines. ”Hello professor. Will we… will we have to go near those vines today? Too soon, professor, too soon. After all that had happened last year, he was rather distrustful of plant life. Especially vines. Naturally he assumed the professor would be forcing them all into the maze of vines with no regard for how the students might feel about vines after the events of the previous term. Hogwarts staff really needed to be more sensitive about what sort of things might trigger painful memories in students. Devin looked around to see if Ash or Lukas were here yet. Whatever this was would be much more tolerable if he had his favorite people with him and they could support each other through it. Not yet seeing many familiar faces, Devin tacked himself onto the edge of the forming semicircle next to Kinsay. ”Hi Kinsay. Nice jacket.”

Norman blinked, not blind to Horton’s cringing. Was the maze really that intimidating? “Hello, Mr. Horton,” he greeted. The question got a slight eyebrow raise. “Possibly.” He wasn’t going to give away the lesson before it even began, though he supposed he should say something to ease the boy’s mind. “Don’t worry, these vines are completely harmless.” To prove his point, he flicked the one nearest to him., and it did nothing except sway listlessly for a second before returning to its original position.

Text Cut: Potter
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Darius got up and dressed early enough to arrive at Transfiguration class on time. It was quite refreshing out as he came in his pullover and long sweatpants, "Hello Professor," He greeted on entry. Huh... a maze. This'll be interesting.

Darius then joined the semi-circle with the others eyeing the maze. What could be in there? And what spells will they have to use to reach the end? He thought about the possibilities while waiting.

“Hello, Mr. Potter,” Norman replied with a polite nod. His eyes followed the boy as he took his place in the semicircle. Promising student, this one!

Text Cut: Flamsteed
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Dress comfortable? Not a problem.

While class was after lunch and the Gryffindor in uniform all morning (with a slightly looser tie than usual. Dad's pristine habits had rubbed off on him more than they had Aries), Atlas had jammed a super quick lunch before stripping down and throwing on some pajama bottoms for a much needed nap. Between schoolwork and his budding social life (whoohoo), the only time he had to work on his inventions and extra curricular planning was late a night and all throughout the night underneath his sheets by Lumos light. This essentially meant that he was up all night a couple of times a week and last night happened to be one of those. Hence the necessity for a nap.

Which meant that Atlas had quite literally rolled out of bed and thrown on the topmost jumper from his hamper of dirty clothes he kept forgetting to send down to the wash. It went find with his loud bright red plaid pajama bottoms if he did say so himself. At least he had had the sense to throw on some socks without holes in them and pair of sneakers before heading down to class.

Some serious asymmetrical bedhead going on, Atlas yawned while trying to greet the professor...which basically meant that what came out of his mouth was a sort of yawn while coming to a stop beside Lisa and lazily resting his forearm on her shoulder and leaning on her jokingly. "Hey," he offered her with more eloquence now that he had gotten that yawn out of the way.

Hadn't they all had enough of vines after last term?

Norman paid no attention to Flamsteed’s attire. As long as the boy could move unimpeded, it didn’t matter. What did catch his attention was the yawn. He hoped the boy would wake up soon! He’d need to be alert for this lesson. “Hello, Mr. Flamsteed,” he greeted.

Text Cut: Yoon
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
He was dressed in a simple jumper, similar to that of Atlas Flamsteed which made him want to turn back around and go back to the dormitory to change but instead of planets, his jumper had a few books and a cup of coffee with the words; 'I put my book down to be here '. Of course, this was just a piece of clothing, and it did not reflect his true feelings about the class, as Transfiguration was one of his favourites.

Daniel's dark brown eyes darted to the hedge maze covered in vines behind the Professor as he approached the group. He wasn't bothered by it at all.

"Professor Carton" As he turned to face him, he straightened his back importantly. "I've been reading about a certain branch of Transfiguration and i'd like to know more about it" he trailed off when he noticed Atlas's arm resting on Lisa's shoulder from the corner of his eye and his expression turned dark for a split second as he had a sudden urge to knock him away from her. "Can i come to your office someday to get more information?" he continued as if nothing had happened.

Here was another student looking at the maze, but to Norman’s relief, this one didn’t seem afraid of it. “Hello, Mr. Yoon,” he greeted. The question got a slight nod in reply. “Of course. Stop by my office at your earliest convenience.” He was always pleased to help any student willing to learn.

Text Cut: Bixby
Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post
"Hello Professor" Maxine smiled as she made her way as close to the maze as she could without actually going in it ... yet .... she couldn't wait to! What fun adventure awaits within.

She wanted to to in so bad!! She couldn't take her eyes off of it!

Bixby’s smile was returned with a slight one from the professor, but the smile faded as he watched her move close to the maze. He was prepared to reprimand her, should she wander inside, but that turned out not to be necessary. “Hello, Miss Bixby,” he greeted.

Text Cut: Toros
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Arden certainly dressed comfortably for the lesson right down to her hairstyle. Her puffy, bouncy curls were thrown up on a very messy bun. BUT SHE WAS HERE! She glanced veeeeery curiously at the maze, wanting to approach even if Carton had JUST said no. Siiiiighhhhh. Being at school with all the rules was like really hard for Arden sometimes. Getting in trouble at home was whatever, but she was still a little intimidated by getting in trouble at school. She supposed it was like buying a new pair of shoes…had to break ‘em in, get used to it.

She stood next to Maxine and grinned over at her. “Hey. Good morning,” she nudged her a little. “And good morning to you, Professor Carton!” She waved. What a nice day to be outside!

Here was another student looking at the maze. For a moment, Norman half-expected this one to wander into it, but he was glad that didn’t happen. Couldn’t fault the girl’s curiosity though! “Good afternoon, Miss Toros,” he replied.

Text Cut: Lockwood
Originally Posted by Aiden Lockwood View Post
Aiden had learned a VERY big lesson on his first days of school when he had been late to History of Magic and had lost house points for the WHOLE Hufflepuff. Now he was NEVER gonna be late ever again. He left for EVERYTHING early so he could NEVER be late again. Today was easy cause he didn't have to find the classroom which he still found hard. He just had to go right outside on the grounds and he even got to go without his robes!

So Aiden wore a pair of jeans and his blue T-shirt with the big yellow duck on the front which was just about his favorite T-shirt. He had worn his favorite sneakers too, (though the laces were untied. Aiden had never learned how to tie his shoes. It was ok though cause he knew how to walk without them falling off). He had worn a bright yellow jacket too in case it was cold which was his favorite jacket because it was yellow like Hufflepuf. And of course as always Aiden had his teddy bear Wally with him. He had still not gone anywhere without him.

Aiden was still too shy to say hello to the Professor. He didn't really WANT to be seen. That was the good part about being really small. Sometimes people missed you. he DID see a boy he recognized from the Courtyard (Atlas) and him Aiden DID wave to.

Despite Lockwood’s size, Norman did, in fact, notice him. He noticed almost everything, though whether or not he acknowledged what he noticed depended upon the situation. In this case, he offered the boy an encouraging smile and a slight nod in the way of a greeting. “Hello, Mr. Lockwood.”

Text Cut: Valentine
Originally Posted by Weasley174 View Post
Summer was looking forwards to another lesson, the first year basically skipped to it. As she arrived at her destination, she saw the Professor standing at a chalkboard. "Hi Professor." Summer gave him a smile and then she did as she was instructed.

Here was another cheerful student, just the kind of attitude Norman liked to see. “Hello, Miss Valentine,” he greeted, giving her a small smile in return.

Text Cut: Fox
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

For the record, Ash hated mazes, and she would have totally skipped if A. she knew what was going on and B. she wasn't so focused on her grades and attendance now. (no more skipping classes!) Dressed in sweatpants, a tshirt, and a jacket, she took a seat next to Siri. "Hello Professor." It was a halfhearted greeting, and not because she didn't like him! She just... mazes. Vines. Why. "Hey Siri." She liked him. He liked her. She didn't need to worry about awkwardness like she would if she sat next to... some people. Gryffindor fifth year girls, to be exact. She tugged on her bracelets. "Not excited for this maze either, huh?"

Norman noticed the halfhearted tone of Fox’s greeting, but he didn’t take it personally. Between teaching at Hogwarts for three terms and having a daughter of his own, he knew how teenagers were. Maybe she was having an off day? The important thing was that she was here for the lesson. “Hello, Miss Fox,” he greeted with a polite nod.

Text Cut: Donovan
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Outdoor lesson were among some of her favorites. The fresh air was always a good way to keep her wide awake and focused, not that she ever really had all that much trouble with that anyhow. It was simply the matter of some lessons captured her attention more easily than others is all. Like CoMC and Herbology. Others she had to work a little harder at but still loved like Transfiguration. While others just.. stressed her out completely.

Today was a good and no stress would be had. Nope. Not even as she got close enough to see those vines covering that large hedge maze. Not gonna panic yet. Dahlia was calm as a cucumber. Yup. Nothing to see here as blue eyes looked around for certain familiar faces. "Hello, Professor," she greeted with a small wave of hand. Walking past Devin she gave him a smile and went to stand near her cousin Jude.

Donovan’s wave was immediately noticed and returned with a slight smile from the professor. “Hello, Miss Donovan,” he replied, watching as she took her place in the semicircle.

Text Cut: Benetti
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Transfiguration didn’t come easily to the first year, but Luca liked it anyway. He was used to challenges and the spells were pretty cool once he managed them. Speaking of cool, the maze behind Professor Carton was epic. The first year took a moment to just stare at it before remembering he was meant to greet the man. ”Hello Professor.”

Moving to stand near his housemate, Aiden, Luca gave him a nod in greeting and then waited for class to start.

Norman caught Benetti staring at the maze and for a moment, he thought the boy would forget to greet him. Never mind, it seemed that wasn’t the case. Good! “Hello, Mr. Benetti,” he replied with a polite nod.

Text Cut: Evans
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
'Dress comfortably' was an instruction that worked very well for Milo, despite the fact that directions open to interpretation had often ended in conflict between himself and his teachers and tutors of years past. Their problem, not his.

He did have a problem, though, and that was the grounds, and the lesson held there. Milo's initial solution was to avoid the lesson entirely, which was his answer to most things, but those efforts had been thwarted on account of it being his answer to most things. Now he joined the class and lingered silently on the edge of the semi-circle, looking out across the grounds, while the hedges and the chalkboard and the professor and the students all seemed to escape his notice entirely.

Milo wore his regular uniform, back to front (for a kind of comfort). Two socks on one foot, the other foot bare (for a kind of compromise). All efforts to inflict shoes upon him had been unsuccessful. The last pair had found themselves shoved inside a couple of toilet cisterns, one in the boys' bathroom, and one in the girls' (for a kind of balance).

Norman blinked, unsure what to make of Evans’s backwards uniform and peculiar choice of footwear (or more accurately, lack thereof). Had the boy been in too much of a rush to finish getting dressed? Nevermind… “Hello, Mr. Evans,” he greeted. His voice dropped to a whisper as he added, “You have permission to go back to the common room and get your shoes if you’d like. Otherwise, be very careful where you step!”

Text Cut: Prescott
Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
It was nice to have a class outside on the grounds. Sometimes Delilah got too cooped up inside the castle, and when that happened, she got too antsy to really get anything out of the class. Not today, though. Thank you, Professor Carton, for having an outdoor class. As she approached the classroom area, she gave a little wave to the professor.

"Hello, Professor...Carton...," she said. The hesitation was because she'd caught sight of a huge hedge maze. AWESOME. TOO COOL. Seeing as she was a first year and had no idea what had happened last year with all the vines, that part didn't phase her much. She joined the semi circle of students, but all the while her eyes were locked on the hedge. She was only eleven-years-old...he didn't expect her to...go in there, did he?

Norman noticed Prescott’s hesitation, though he wasn’t sure if it was out of fear or intrigue. Either way, the girl would learn the maze’s purpose soon. For now, he greeted her with a polite nod. “Hello, Miss Prescott.”

Text Cut: Gaeltheos
Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
She enjoyed wearing comfy clothes to class, despite her usual enjoyment of pristine school robes, although it did throw her head out of sorts. What even was this class she was about to attend? The Gryffindor wore a grey knitted jumper dress with thick black tights, and her hair was down and curly as usual.

Seeing Atlas and Lisa all over each other was… weird and… frustrating whatever. Remy smiled as convincingly as she could at her two besties but chose to stand by Daniel rather than act a third wheel. “Hi, Daniel.” She hadn’t noticed his reaction to the pair either. “‘Sup with that?” She gestured her head towards the pair.

Ah… it was Transfiguration. Her favourite.

Was it just him or did Gaeltheos seem a bit… distracted today? The lack of a greeting did not go unnoticed, but Norman wasn’t bothered by it. He didn’t mind silence. Nonetheless, he still greeted her as he did every other student, “Hello, Miss Gaeltheos.”

Text Cut: Ramsey
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
Alfie always thought it was cool when they had class outside on the grounds. It was much more fun than just sitting at desks in a classroom. And he liked being outside, even if it was starting to get a little bit chilly. But since they had been told to wear comfortable clothes he was wearing a sweatshirt and some cozy pants. So he was feeling pretty good as he approached the spot where they would be having their lesson. He was going to greet the professor, but was promptly distracted by the maze. A maze?? So cool! Except the chalkboard said not to go near it yet so he would listen to it.

Instead he turned his attention to who else was gathered. He spotted Lisa and quickly made his way over to her. "Hi Lisa," he greeted with a big smile. "Look at that maze! Think we're going to get to explore it? Probably, because why else would it be there? This is going to be so fun!"

Another distracted student and another lack of a greeting. While Norman wasn’t fussed by the silence, he was mildly worried that the students would be unable to focus on him instead of the maze for the duration of the lesson. Oh well, he supposed he’d cross that bridge when he came to it. “Hello, Mr. Ramsey,” he greeted.

Text Cut: Grimm
Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Lessons taking place outside were always appreciated by Ivy. It wasn't even that she minded them being in the classroom; it was just a nice change of pace for the ones that were normally indoors. A change of scenery could bring a fresh new perspective on things.

The hedge maze and the vines among it were immediately noticed, and though it did remind her of last term, they did appear to be different from those other ones, so it didn't bother her. Only piqued her curiosity even more.

"Good afternoon, Professor," she greeted him with a smile before taking a spot next to Kinsay. Ivy offered a smile and a "Hey," to her and Devin as well.

Grimm’s greeting broke the chain of silent students and earned a small smile from the professor in return. “Good afternoon, Miss Grimm,” he replied.

Text Cut: O’Neill
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Wow... an outdoor lesson, this was going to be interesting usually Herbology and CoMC lesson was outside so he was curious what I'll be. Walking closer he raised his eyebrows at the maze before them. He could shivered slightly remembering the last maze they were in. " Hello Professor, I hope you're well." Seeing Lia he smiled and walked over towards her. "Hello Bubblesn" Taking her hand he squeezed it.

Looking at the maze he looked at Lia. "What do you think it is? I know one thing I don't want to be chased by a Cockatrice again." Yeah... he still remembers that as if was nothing and scared of them.

O’Neill’s greeting got a small smile from the professor. “Hello, Mr. O’Neill,” he replied. “I am, thanks for asking. And yourself?” He blinked as he overheard the boy’s words to Donovan. No, there would be no cockatrices today. This wasn’t Care of Magical Creatures!

Text Cut: Rivers
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
It was one thing to have class outside, it was a whole other level of thank Merlin when the professor acknowledged that they should wear comfy clothing. She was always 100% okay with wearing comfy clothes and show her style points. She had slid up to the group right when Kinsay mentioned they should get to wear more casual clothes more often. "Second that Kinsay" Turning to face Professor as she joined the semi-circle, "Hello Professor"

Seriously a maze? Why why do these people have such a wish for death? like could they just let it go and not try to kill them? "why is it always things that we could die doing?" Hopefully their professor didn't hear her.

Rivers’s comment was duly noted, just as James’s had been. As for her greeting, he replied with a polite nod, “Hello, Miss Rivers.” He couldn’t make out what the girl said after that, but he was almost sure he heard the word “die” in there somewhere. Nope, no one was dying on his watch!

Norman’s aquamarine eyes darted toward the path leading to the castle, searching for any stragglers. When he saw none, he took a quick glance at his watch. 1:00 on the dot… time to get started. “Right, let’s get started,” he addressed the group. “Eyes front, please!” As in, look at him and not the maze!

He allowed a minute for the students to focus before continuing, “There is a principle in nature called survival of the fittest. This, as the phrase implies, suggests that the creatures best adapted to their environment are the most successful at surviving. With this in mind, name one way that animals use their environment to their advantage.”

Yes, students, there was a point to this question, which would become clear in time. They should all know that by now, even the first years. Norman Carton did not do random tangents!

OOC: Sorry for the delay! I lost half of this post and had to retype it. Anyway, class has officially begun! Feel free to jump in at any time. Just pretend your character has been here all along unless you want IC consequences for a late arrival. For question 1, Norman is asking for ONE way that animals use their surroundings to their advantage. We’ll move on in ABOUT 24 HOURS.
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