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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Okay, so the closer she got to it, the more she felt like she wanted to vomit.. and yet she didn't leave. "It's wicked in a gross, make you want to be sick and run away and never want to be near this place again sort of way.." Keighley admitted with a small laugh even as she cringed slightly her nose wrinkling up in displeasure. "You want to create something gross like this somewhere else in the castle or something wicked cool that will remain around here for generations to come?" Cause either way she would be needing some more detail.
Turning to look closer at her he smiled and laughed at her wrinkling nose. "No, no, no, not something this vile in smell." Turning to see if there was somewhere that wouldn't be tainted by the smell he decided to just shove a bandana under his nose like he'd seen his parents do with dust. "I want to do something epic that will remain around here for generations to come. Stink factor is not required. Ideas?" He might as well go ahead and involve her in the plan so she is an accessory and has to help him at this point. Would he be a record setter if he got expelled before fifth year?
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