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Reagan was starting to fume.

She scrambled for inner Jude. Once again… how the HECK did he manage to remain calm in a strenuous situation. Unfortunately, she did not find the calm she needed. And perhaps all the anger was finally getting to her. “FIVE MINUTES!” she yelled in sheer frustration, not caring if any professors came along and docked points from Gryffindor for her shouting. Merlin, it felt good to get some of that frustration out. Rea simply pursed her lips. She didn’t need YOU to tell her she was a good sister, Evan. And yes, she was intense.


Finally his brain had been good for something. But part of the Lioness wasn’t too optimistic that Evan had figured things correctly. She’d just ask Jude about things later on. “Whatever.” She watched him depart. Now… what had she been up to again? Oh, yes. Practicing her acting.

The only thing was, her mood was now spoiled. Instead, Rea stomped back through the portrait hole and into the common room to find a corner to seeth in peace. The girl knew that she would have to go comfort for her brother sometime because Evan was off to break his heart all over again. She'd need Keighley to help her.
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