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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Cool stories about the library? Yeah, right. Jas wouldn't believe it until he heard them. And until then? Snoozefest. 100% without a doubt. He wasn't all that interested in pranks either, so. His point remained: It was boring.

Fun research was an oxymoron, dude.

Jasper looked up when he heard someone addressing him. Rather than rolling his eyes, he gave the older kid a look laced with disbelief. "I don't know about that, dude." It wasn't the first time he had heard that phrase, but Jasper wasn't a big fan. He got bored all the time and he was, by no means, a boring person. It just didn't check out.

"No clue," he shrugged, squinting a bit to get a better look. "I heard there's a secret passageway around here though. Maybe that's where it leads to." Did this guy know how to get there? 'Cause that would be the opposite of boring.
Fun research was an oxymoron, if fun was meant to describe research. But this was research about fun. So, oxymoron or not, Joseph knew his stuff, and his stuff was fun (not boredom).

Joseph grinned down at the little dude. Probably around his brother's age, but from the look of him, in a different house. "Maybe you're just not smart enough to keep yourself occupied, then," he said, winking so the kid would know he was joking and not actually insulting his intelligence.

He would never seriously insult the intelligence of a stranger.

"Hey, that's a thought," he mused, looking back into the mirror. "A secret passageway?" He examined the mirror, and how it was positioned on the wall. "I wonder if we can get the mirror of the wall, if there's a secret passageway around here, it's probably just behind there." Logic.
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