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Originally Posted by goldenlinings View Post
Turning her head at the sound of the approaching bar keep, Iris grinned back, returning his smile. The Leaky Cauldron really was a nice place when the little gremlins weren't around for their school shopping.

Taking the menu that he had set down in front of her, she peered at thoughtfully before glancing back up at him with a chuckle "With such a glowing recommendation, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't order that apparently delicious butterbeer! " She then glanced back down at the menu and added "What sort of sandwich would go well with butterbeer?" Because she was absolutely starving, and at this rate, she could eat two sandwiches.
What TASTE this woman had! Her decision to order the butterbeer brought a giant smile to the burly red head's face as he turned to get that butterbeer for her. Extra foam in the LARGEST glass, because the extra mile always made a difference! Braylon filled the mug, before turning to place it back down on the bar in front of her. The question nearly made him panic.

A favorite sandwich!? How in the world could he pick just one!? That was like picking a favorite child! It was Eliza, but not by a lot. He admired the matched chaotic energy. "Well, they're all pretty delicious! But the avocado and sprouts is my usual go to. Avocado is a super food, did you know?" Did he currently remember exactly what that meant? No. But it was still important to mention. Just because.

Remembering his manners then, Braylon offered his hand to the patron in greeting. "My name's Braylon, by the way. Proud current proprietor of this fine establishment." Though he could take very little credit, as years of building up reputation had come from all the predecessors before him. "Pleasure to have you in today! What brings you to Diagon Alley?"

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