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Reagan hadnít the inkling of how much Evanís friendship with Jude meant to him. To her, all Evan had been was self centered by not noticing Judeís feelings. Some friend that Ravenclaw was. Perhaps he would even think that Jude was fit enough to be nothing more than a friend. Well, SHE HAD NEWS FOR YOU, EVAN OBLIVIOUS NAM! Jude was the absolute best friend you could ever have and you were darn lucky to have him in your corner. And you would be LUCKIER if you dated him. Hmph.

It most certainly was NOT pity. Reagan facepalmed herself. She really did. No one made her feel so exasperated, not even Koen and the frustrating amount of times he spent away touring. ďIím allowed to change my mind. Iím doing this for Jude. Got that? I donít care about you. I care about my BROTHER.Ē All her own frustration, anger and sadness over the entire situation caused her to get worked up and there was a distinct crack in her voice when that last sentence came out.

The fifth year glared at the Ravenclaw but really she was trying to regain her composure. ďFine. Whatever. Do what you have to do. Iím frankly surprised youíve figured anything out.Ē Naturally Reagan had not idea how Jude and Evanís talk would go. Things could escalate in a bad way, they may not. Either way, Reagan would always be there for Jude. She and Keighley. They had been his comfort earlier and they would continue to be.
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