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Evan felt no need to mention the summertime incident to Jude, unless it was when he was feeling.. more lighthearted again and could bring it up with the amusement he'd felt at the time. He hadn't been amused that she'd insinuated he'd hurt Jude (which apparently he had), nor had he been amused at her anger specifically. It was really only the parallels of something that had similarly happened to his older brother. It was a weird small event that had been a random brotherly connector, which made him not want to mention it in any negative connotation.

A round about way of saying, she was safe from that.

Were he honest, Evan had never felt like this and it scared him too. There was few he could think of in this moment who could actually make him feel better, and the mains who popped to mind were not within Hogwarts walls and he wasn't sure they'd even care to. And that was really the root of what he was feeling. He didn't like it. He'd like to not feel any of these things.

Her suggestion had his eyes flitting to her, a look of confusion on his face. Talk to Jude? "Weren't you the one who told me to stay away from him?" And she hadn't been wrong. If he was going to be hurting him intentionally either way, maybe he SHOULD be far away. Granted he'd probably figure a way to hurt him then too, because that was his talent, but then what was he to actually do? "He's my friend." A confirmation that yes, he did, but contrary to her seeming to believe he enjoyed hurting him, he would not force his company on him if that was the result.

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