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Oh, Jude would hate her if he knew what she had done to Evan. Reagan thanked her lucky stars that he didn’t even know about the entire ice cream incident from the summer but she wouldn’t be surprised if Evan decided to tell him. Those two had been quite the friends. Evan and Jude had spent so much time in each other’s company. Yet Reagan found herself wondering how Evan could be completely blind to Jude’s feelings for him. It would not be the last time she wondered this.

Reagan bit her lower lip, chewing on it worriedly. She had never seen Evan this way. It scared her. And how did she comfort him? Did she want to comfort him? Should she let him suffer for hurting Jude? Was this Karma? And even if she did want to comfort him, this sort of thing wasn’t her area of expertise; this was Jude’s. As far as Reagan was concerned, Evan needed Jude but her brother had been hell bent on staying away. It was all due to some nonsense about Evan’s happiness was all that mattered. HA! If only Jude could see Evan now.

Had Jude ever thought about his own happiness?

The Gryffindor holstered her wand. There would be no fun turning Evan into a cactus in his current state. “I guess no one chooses their core traits.’’ She took a few steps towards him. “Jude would understand, you know. Try talking to him again. Something tells me that he won’t cut you off.” Reagan put her hands on her hips again, this time it wasn’t in any menacing way. She eyed Evan shrewdly. “You miss him.” It wasn’t even a question; she just figured it.
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