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Her hair was getting seriously long lately, and Remy was living for it meaning she wore it down most days, including today. Her wavy curls also had a way of covering her face whenever life became embarrassing and she had to hide behind it… she did this alllllll the time. (She also had moments of embarrassment far too often, which she needed to address.)

The Gryffindor took a seat, not near anyone in particular, not waiting for anyone either. She had every intention to concentrate on todays lesson, because it was easy to lose your track of thought in classes like History of Magic.

Remy couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the goody-goody students who always had to greet professors in such sickly ways. Professor Holden was busy talking to the paintings, clearly, so she kept herself to herself and started working on the puzzle that was provided, looking up at the other kids every now and then to make sure they weren’t finishing before her.

Easy.” Remy mumbled to herself and the empty chair beside her when she was finished, and set her quill down on the desk.
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