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Moose came into History of Magic a bit more cautious than usual. The start of term feast how ever far back it was from now, left a bad encounter with Professor Holden and that feeling still lingered through many of the lessons after that. Just push through the lessons and don't bother with class participation as much. It did not help that History of Magic was by far his worst subject that did not in itself involve using actual magic.

His usual tactic to take a seat directly by the door had been hindered by the Lazy Sloth Kid. So naturally Moose grabbed the next closest open seat which was directly behind them. There was no Hello directed toward Holden, as the Professor seemed preoccupied with talking to what looked to be covered portraits.

He set himself up at his desk and looked down at the Word Search Puzzle. Grabbing his pen, then looking up to see two stinking socks poking out from Sloth Kid's seat looking directly at him. It was almost insulting. It felt like there were eyes on the back of his feat staring into his soul. This aggravated Moose some. Not much...not unless those socks reeked beyond belief, and there was some distance spaced between them both so if there was a stench of stinking feet it might not reach his nose.

Moose just silently, and slightly peeved went to work on the puzzle. Scratching at his hair in frustration as he was one of those few who found these difficult to complete.
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