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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
The moment of surprise from Rosa hadn’t actually gained much of a reaction from Ryan, aside from a slightly raised eyebrow. There hadn’t needed to be any other reaction, really. “I can see that,” he responded dryly, as he took in the hair and the pile of clothing. “Honestly, I’m rather impressed?” Usually that spell didn’t have this much range. He’d only ever heard of it working on the object touched, so this was in fact rather impressive. Seeing as he was getting the idea it wasn’t intended at all.

He did lean forward from his position to helpfully add a few more articles of shocking pink clothing to the tub, though. “I thought I saw you slipping in here after I came back in from outside,” he replied, unashamed in the face of the accusation and returning to lean against the wall again. “Did you try Finite?” He imagined she was trying to avoid going to their aunt for help.
Sometimes it was frustrating to have a brother that nothing seemed to unface. Ryan was always a steady rock even when others like her got upset or startled. It dissapointed Rosa that he didn't comment on her hair. Did he like the pink shade? She was about to ask for a verdict on the hair when Ryan baffled her slightly. Blushing she said "We'll, I've been practicing the spell for quite some time now, so it isn't a surprise that it'd be effective. I just didn't think it'd be just this effective, you know?" She really hadn't intended for Everything to turn just so pink.

After tossing more articles of clothing into the tub Rosa bent down to pick up two shirts and a pair of panties. Pausing with the panties in hand she rolled her eyes at her brother. "Of course I've tried finite. It was my first thought. It had no effect so that's why I'm here in the laundry." She wanted to avoid going to their aunt if she could help it. "What did you do outside?"
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