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Having performed well on his OWL and genuinely having an interest in the subject, drawing parallels from the past to the present and hopefully being wiser for it, Cooper had kept History of Magic in his schedule and thus entered the classroom with a pleasant smile to his strong features. A smile that only brightened seeing papers on the desk. A pop quiz, perhaps? Cooper had done a bit of reading ahead and revision last night while TRYING in vain to get Theo interested in the topic of the 14th Century Wizarding Economic Bubble by throwing in a bit of Gobbledegook here and there (Cooper knew only a handful of words in the language which he had picked up as a kid to try and impress the goblins at Gringott's while on errand with his parents - the end results had not been favorable)...but his dormmate transcended the textbook and comforts of the bed they were sitting upon and didn't even notice Cooper not speaking English at times. Which, to be fair, they were known to do on a whim with interlacing a language or two and filling in the gaps by context he really should have known to approach the situation differently.

Oh well.

"Hello, ladies," he smiled at Ashley and Maya (aka Evan's sister) as he took a desk near the pair, the seventh year slipped his bag off his shoulder to lean beside his seat and got his things out for class. Professor Holden seemed...preoccupied with what was very obviously a gallery of portraits who had things to Cooper left the man to that and instead turned his attention to the parchment before him. He remembered dad getting him a whole book of these once. How long had it been since he had sat down to just do a wordsearch? He wasn't sure, but he was soon dipping his quill into the inkwell and drawing perfectly straight lines through each word he found. He needed Mercer and his collection of colored inks, honestly. The black on black was hard to see at times. Especially when he accidentally dropped a bit on the parchment and blotted out some of the letters a bit - ironically making it so that finding 'Ravenclaw' was more difficult than it needed to have been. Grinning as he finished, Cooper flipped his paper over and set his quill down and gave the room a look over. Did anyone need help? He imagined the professor had the papers enchanted so the letters shuffled into different positions for each of them, but maybe he could still offer hints to someone who wanted a bit of assistance.

It was in his looking around that he spotted Mercer's little friend - the one with the socks and no shoes - and offered the little Claw a wave. He hadn't caught the kid's name yet, but hopefully he could start calling him something more than Mercer other friend who wasn't Mitsuki soon.

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