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Again, Maya felt like everything learned in this class could easily be gained from reading the textbook. However at least the professor kept things interesting. The Slytherin straightened her uniform and adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder as she turned the corner to ensure she was presentable for classes. [b”Hello, Professor Holden,”[/b] Maya greeted politely and giving a slight nod of her head as she entered the classroom.

She looked over at the chalkboard which featured incredibly straightforward instructions. Maya slid into a seat next to Ash and smiled. ”Hey Ash.” Maya’s eyes glanced over the easels, curious as to what the whispers would be before looking down at the puzzle on her desk.

Oh! A word search! Maya did enjoy those, even if they weren’t all too difficult. She immediately went to work on it. Would they be learning about other magical institutions this lesson? If so, she hoped he would describe a bit about what university and the application process was like. Just in case she wanted to get a head start.
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