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Originally Posted by SweetPeea View Post
Enjoying a very nice stroll with a little PEP in her step in the fall brisk air as the fifteen year old wandered the grounds. It was a looooovely day and once more she just HAD to be apart of this glorious weather rather than be cooped up inside studying, how dull! And it would seem that her wandering would lead to someone worth discovering as she came upon a very certain Gryffindor boy she fancied who would appear to be in his own little world in the grass not too far from the Whomping Willow.

Decidedly wanting to get a better idea of what he was doing, the pink haired teen immediately went into her proper stealth mode to creep up behind an unsuspecting Adam. She dared not make a sound as she eased her way towards him, waiting until she was peering over his shoulder to see what it was he drawing as well as admire it for a few moments before saying, "Wow! That's looking good so far!"

Completely startled by her sudden appearance, Adam let out a little yelp and his drawing pad and utensils FLEW in the air. Well, not TOO much flying - only a little, but it still startled him! Once he regained his composure and realized it was Christanna, he chuckled and immediately began to blush. "You scared me!" he said with a laugh.

Gathering his drawing off the ground and dusting it off, he smiled at her. "You really think so? Thanks...I'm just practicing," he added sheepishly before erasing a little mark he'd made when he'd dramatically thrown his things in the air. Oops. "What brings you down here??"
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